We offer a 10-year maintenance roof waterproofing guarantee in Bryanston

We do Flat roof waterproofing in the following areas Bryanston, Sandton and Randburg.

Flat roof “10-year maintenance free guarantee” or “life proof” waterproofing is simple when you know how. let us show you…..
Big companies don’t waterproof every few years, so why should you?
The stigma attached to a flat roof is as a result of the domestic products used, so you need not suffer any more.
Shops dont want you back every 10 years rather 3 to 5 years… its not your fault.
Our fault finding skills are fine tuned after 13 years of experience and compliment the success of an industrial waterproofing product bring you the best our technology has to offer.
As in any industry there are leaders and we have been told to be waterproofing our selfs out of business, on the contrary, the referrals say it all!

Flat roof water proofing systems “calling a spade a spade”

Bitumen aka torch-on waterproofing

This is a black tar like substance from the petroleum industry. Its one of the oldest systems available.
Be careful there are different thickness available, starting from 2mm up to 8mm, some with one membrane (single core) and others two (Dule core)
This system needs to be replaced around 10 year cycle
This system is tricky to maintain or service, let me explain:
Bitumen gives off a gas continuously, that why it needs a sliver coating which is an aluminium dust to let the gas out. Should you use a Pva paint like your house walls, it will blow bubbles.
As this Gas escapes it the bitumen dehydrates and shrinks thus pulling loose from the roof surface and then starts to crease in the corners followed by splitting on the overlaps.
When melting a new piece of flexible bitumen to an old brittle piece the expansion and contraction of the suns heat each day results in them parting company.

Acrylic membrane

This white geo-woven hardware store membrane saturated with a resin is as useful as the shop selling it and the person applying it. If you had the correct resin  it would need replacing around the 3 – 5 year mark. Although its repairable, the constant  top coat maintenance is this systems major down fall as there are no Acrylic resins which can hold water and be Uv stable! They either one or the other. Our Technology has not bridged this gap yet.

Cementious membrane waterproofing

Aka Life-proof system, this once off life time system is repairable and maintenance free. When used properly, it’s the strongest and most durable of all the systems. Coming in at the same price as bitumen,  its a no-brainer.
The Cost savings long term make this the industrial choice.